Saturday, April 11, 2009

Circus Time...

Carson got to go to the circus for the first time last night! He was amazed by everything he saw! He kept saying stuff like wow and had a surprised look on his face the whole time. When the act was finished he would clap his hands and say yaaay! I think the motorcycles were his favorite! Here are a few pics that I got from his special night! Enjoy!

The Elephant show was really good!

These guys were funny. He is doing the matrix move.

The Tiger Show!

Carson racked up on souveniers!

And the Show comes to an END!

Family and bowling equal two things, lots of laughs and lots of fun! Carson and I recently got to go bowling with Nana, Paw, Aunt Lacie (aka..LaLa), Uncle Jon, Darren, Emilie, and Dylan. We had a blast, Carson loves spending time with his cousins! Here are some pictures from our fun filled trip. Thanks everybody for letting us join you.....we need to do it again soon!


Go Diddle Go!STRIKES

Pretty!Big D....spare baby yeah

Good form Em.Uncle Jon helping Car Car

Good Scores.....Good Fun