Monday, January 31, 2011

Bring It On 2011 it is...2011!
2010 flew a flash!
We had an amazing year, but I'm glad 2011 has finally made it!
I haven't posted in a long time, so here are some updated pics of my family!

Makalin is now 18 months...She has a lot of personality!
I have told everybody that she has the best laugh out of any other kid I know! It is so contagious, so I couldn't resist posting this pic!
Here she is again with her Daddy! I must say she is a "Daddy's Girl"!

This is the first time Carson rode a "Big Boy" bike! Nonna surprised the kids with these for Christmas, so now they can enjoy them when they visit her!
You can see a very cautious Dad following him! He fell one time, but after a brush of his pants, wiping tears from his face, and giving him a kiss, he got right back up on his bike.

Here he is big and so proud!
These pictures were taken at the end of 2010!
I have made a couple of new years resolutions and taking pictures and keeping up my blog are two of them.
So here it is....Bring It On 2011...We're ready for anything that comes our way!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Well, this blog is about TATTOO'S!
Chris recently had his tattoo finished! He started this tattoo when I was pregnant with Makalin! He wanted both of his babies names tattooed on his chest, but he couldn't finish it until Makalin was born! Chris has 9 tattoo's total, including this one! I don't have any tattoo's, but it doesn't bother me that he has them! He loves both of his babies very much!
Carson idolizes his Daddy, so of course when his Daddy got a tattoo he wanted one! We got him his own special tattoo's! (rub on of course)

He is all about super hero's, so these seemed like the best tat's for him! On this arm we have Spiderman, the one that throws flames (can't remember his name), and Captain America!

I'm not sure who the 1st guy is, but here is Iron man and the Incredible Hulk!
Look at Carson...such a cheeser!

This is his gangster pose, arm wrapped up! LOL!!

Hopefully if Carson does decides to get a REAL tattoo one day, it will be many many many years from now! Who knows....either way we have these pictures to remember his SUPERHEROS tattoo's! I love you baby boy!

Carson's 1st Trip to the Movies....

Carson got to the movies for the 1st time ever! Nonna, Zoey, Carson and I had a great time! This first picture was taken in the car on the way to go eat! It was hard to get them to focus on taking a picture, becasue they were so excited about going to the movies! Plus they were singing and dancing to Nonna's CD! They knew almost every word to every song!
We ate at China King Buffet, where we stuffed our little belly's! It was pretty good!
After dinner we headed off to movies! We went to the Hollywood Movie Theatre and watched Despicable Me! It was really cute! I think we all had our giggle boxes turned on!

We got drinks and of course a big bucket of popcorn. Carson and Zoey both did so good in the theatre! They sat and watched the whole movie without one potty break! Carson loves his movies, so it didn't surprise me how intuned he was! He wanted to watch another movie after this one ended! Looks like we'll be going to the movies more often now!

Carson and Zoey in front of the theatre! Still all smiles!

After all of that we took them to get some Ice Cream! Carson got an oreo blizzard and Zoey had a m&m blizzared! There is nothing better then ice cream to top off a great evening!

Thank you Nonna and Zoey for going with us to the movie! Carson and I both had an awesome time! We need to make more movie dates! The smiles on these two kiddos faces, for me was the best part of the whole night!

Makalin's 1st B-day!

Makalin celebrated her 1st birthday! Wow! Time has flown by so fast, it's hard to believe that she is already one! Here are some pictures from her Luau Party at Nonna's Lake Lot!
Her Welcome Sign!
This her "baby cake".....especially made for her to dig into!

We sang Happy Birthday to her while she clapped! Look how excited she was!

Pink Icing everywhere....but it was all worth it.

Me and my precious ONE YEAR OLD! I'm very proud of this baby girl and I'm looking forward to more special birthdays to come!

Special thanks to everybody who came to her Luau Party and thanks Nonna for letting us have her party at the lake. This will truly be a day this Mommy will never forget.
I hope everyone had a blast! I know Makalin sure did!

Monday, July 12, 2010

My baby girl is turning one this month. Wow!!! Time has flown by!
Chris & I took her on a photo shoot yesterday for her One Year Pictures.
Here are a few of my favorites.

What? Who me? I'm innocent!! lol

Sticking her tongue out at her daddy!

Sweet Pretty Girl!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

It's gonna be a long one....cause I'm one proud Momma!
I had the best Mother's Day ever!
We went to not one, not two, but three parks! It started off at our favorite park w/ a picnic!

We slid down the slides and of course swang on the swings!

Look at this wasn't stopping us from having a good time at the park!

The way I see are never too old to have a fun time at the park!

Here are some pictures to prove it!

Dad and Mom climbing up the rocks w/ our "Little Big Man"!

Makalin smiled the whole time!

Here is Chris...We love you Dad! Thank you for making Mother's Day so special for me and the kiddos!

I usually don't post embarrassing pictures of me, but I had post this one! You can tell we had the best time! Carson was making me laugh so hard! He got the biggest kick out of me sliding down the slide with him!

Here's another fun pic! I love play time!

Here is a pic of Carson and his Daddy taking a pic w/ the cool dinosaur bones!

Here is the starting off picture of them sliding...
Look...Both of their hands are up with big smiles!

And the last park of the was all about the slides! There was one slide that was soo slippery that I busted my you know what....sorry, not gonna post a pic like that! Carson and Dad got a good laugh out of that one!

Swing time again!

Here is Chris sitting in the baby
He didn't stay her very long...only long enough for me to take a picture..haha!

I had soo much fun! If all the days could be like this....every day could be Mother's Day!
Thank you Chris, Carson, and Makalin for making this the best Mother's Day ever!
I can't wait for next year!
Hugs and Kisses
Love Mom!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

A day at the park

I took my kiddos to the park this afternoon and they loved it! I work alot, so I take them every chance I get!

We started out on the swing sets! Look at their faces!

Here is a view from the back...they kept looking at eachother laughing!

Carson is a pro when it comes to swinging...but this was Makalin's first time! She laughed, she really thought she was doing something....But in a way she was! Believe me when I tell you she kept her eye on her Bubba! Everytime he screamed wheee...she tried screaming to! Oh how I laughed at them laughing at each other!

After swinging, we had to take a break and get something to drink. Nothing like apple juice on a hot day!

Here is the last pic...I had the best time with my babies and I'm looking forward to our next trip to the park! We might have to try another spot next time...for new pictures of course!