Saturday, August 29, 2009

Our 3rd Anniversary...

Chris and I have been married for 3 years working on 4. Our 3rd wedding anniversary was August 12th. He is a wonderful husband and father. He is Carson's hero. They both make me laugh everyday. I would truly be lost with out him or my babies.
I love this man.
Here are some pictures of us from the last 3 years.

Carson Wayne 2 1/2 years old....

It's hard for me to believe that my baby boy will be 3 in November.
Time has flown by so fast. He wanted to take pictures today to....not shy for the camera...but we know where he got that from.
I have enjoyed spending the last five weeks with my big boy.
I'm not ready to go back to work, because I know I will miss both of my babies....but it has to be done.
Plus, Carson needs to get back to daycare,
so he can show us what a genius he is.
I love you baby boy!
Momma is very proud of you!

Look at that bright blonde hair.

Makalin 5 Weeks Old...

Makalin is now 5 weeks old.
She now weighs 10 lbs and is growing so fast.
These are the pictures I took of her in
her pretty tutu that
her Aunt LaLa (Lacie) bought her.
Thanks Aunt LaLa!
She looks so pretty in her little tutu.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My "little" munchkins...

My babies are growning so fast. We took these pictures today, so I wanted to share them with you.
Carson Wayne, my cheeser.
Makalin Diane, my sleeper.
(for the moment)

Big brother, playing in his Nascar Room.

This is the only recent pic I have with baby girl.

I love my "little" munchkins.

Makalin 4 Weeks old...

Makalin at 4 weeks old.
Her Daddy took this picture. I love her little feet.
She looks different everyday.
Look at her tiny toes!

Makalin 3 Weeks Old....

Here are some pictures of Makalin at 3 weeks old.
She is growing so fast.
This was my mom's idea to put her in a basket.
She is so tiny!

Pretty Girl

Generation Picture...

Four Mom, my Mammaw, Me, and Makalin.
I love these woman.

My friend Audrey..

Audrey and I have been friends since kindergarten. She was my best friend all through my childhood years on up to high school. She moved to Huntsville after our freshman year, but we still stayed in touch. We experienced soo many things together like, birthday/slumber parties, boyfriends, junior high dances, sports, cheerleading, I could go on forever. We even stood beside each other on our wedding days. She is like a sister to me. I was sooo excited when she came to our "meet the baby" shower, because I haven't seen her since 2006, since she moved to Houston. We both live different lives now, but I still consider her as my true best friend. I'm truly thankful to have someone like her in my life. We will both be 27 in September, her birthday is the 2nd and mine is the 8th. Happy early Birthday Audrey! Here is our most recent pic together. If I ever find my photo albums, I'll post a pic from our childhood.
Love ya girl!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

More of Makalin....

I took these pictures today....I took several more, but she kept sticking her tongue out at me and trying to eat the blanket. I love this baby girl.

Fun, Fun, Fun in the Sun...

We love some fun in the sun. Summer isn't summer without going to the lake. Nonna's lake lot is the place to be when you want to cool off, relax and enjoy yourself. My Mom, Dad, Niece, and my nephews came up for the day...and we had a blast. We got to fish, go kayaking, swim, eat, and most importantly spend time together. I really enjoyed myself and I hope they did to. Thanks Nonna for letting us play at the lake.

Miss the kayak.
Nana....she was snapping pic to.

Dylan and Carson....the perfect duo.

Nonna loves this baby girl.

Chris, Carson, Tyler.....Never a dull moment w/ these boys.

This was Makalin's first trip to the lake...isn't she precious.

Carson Wayne is ready to kayak. Big Cheesin.

Carlos caught a big fish...Carson loved it.

Fishing off the peer.


Diddle was all smiles to. Another big cheeser.

Paw was looking for arrowheads....look who is right beside him.

Mr. and Mrs. Prine

Paw and Darren got some fishing done.

I love these kiddos.

Paw and Diddle know how to do it.

Em sun tanning...pretty girl.

Big D....Big kayaking!

I love this picture.