Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The trip to The Aquarium....

We went to The Aquarium in Houston recently! Carson, Dylan, Chris, Nana, Nonna, and I were all there together! This was Carson's and Dylan's very first time to go! They loved the fish...they even spotted Nemo! I loved watching them say wow and awww about every tank they looked at! It made my day to see these two little guys soo happy!

Nemo was in this tank!

They got to get up close to sting rays....Nana helped Dylan touch the top of one of the sting rays, but Carson wasn't having it! He was alright until one of them splashed up on the side of the tank! I got a pretty good pic of him screaming saying nooo Daddy! Diddle wasn't scared though...he is a tough little man! Your mommy and daddy would have been proud!

Carson did go under the sting ray tank to take a picture for us! He and Nana both did!

We all rode the trolley around the park! Here is Dylan and Nonna giving a big smile!

The boys even got to go to the Hard Rock Cafe afterwards! They were being silly in this pic! They were so excited to spend the day together!

This was the last pic of the evening! We had to get a picture of the boys with their Nana! These boys love their Nana! The smiles explain it all! Overall, we all had a blast, and we can't wait to go again! Maybe next time everybody can join us for some fun and laughter!

This is one of my many favorite pictures of Chris and Carson! It was taken back in 2007, but I had to post it! They both mean the world to me and I love them both very much! If I start getting depressed about Chris being gone with work, all I have to do is look at this picture and it makes me smile! Carson loves his Daddy and his Daddy loves him!

Believe it or not, I actually took this picture! I love taking pictures and I was amazed how good this pic turned out! We were playing outside one afternoon, so of course I had to bring out the camera! It took me a little bit to get him to stand still long enough to snap the shot, but I got it! When this baby boy is outside, he is on the move! He gets that from his Daddy!

Nonna's Lake Lot

My mother-in-law....(aka...Nonna)...took this picture last summer at her lake lot on Richland Chambers! Carson couldn't wait to get out of his little swimmers and swim trunks! Chris and I were out in the water.....and Nonna saw an opportunity for a cute pic! Sand, water, buckets, and one naked little behind...equals cute! Thank you Nonna for taking this pic of my little guy! We love you and we are ready for another fun summer at the lake.....don't forget your camera!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ohhh Happy Day.....

Ok....I'm usually not a lucky person, but today my luck has changed. I won 200.00 smackaroo's on a $2.00 lottery scratch off.....yipppeee! So, I thought it over and I am going to get a massage with my new moolah! I figured I deserve a little pampering every once in a while! So my song for the day is "Oh Happy Day"!
The ticket looks like it is only $100.00, but the 2X symbol means double the money! This is the most money I have ever won on a scratch off.....maybe my luck is starting to change!

Carson's 1st Trip to the beach.....

Carson got to go the beach for the first time this last summer! He was so thing to know about little Carson Wayne is that he loves water! Chris is in Angleton working...and luckily....Freeport is not far, here are some pictures of his big day....Enjoy!

He wasn't to sure at first.

Looking back at the water!

Chris and I!

He even took the four wheeler out for a spin! Hold on baby boy....Daddy's driving!

He played in the dirt....built a sand Castle and then knocked it down!

Where did Carson go?

There he is!....silly boy!

He even found his very first sea shell! After a long day, daddy let him ride on his shoulders! We had the best day ever....definately a day we will never forget!

I've been tagged....

I was tagged by Lacie (my big sis) over at Lacie B Mother of 3.

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This picture was taken around Christmas of 2007. Chris had been listening to some tunes when Carson and I had come home from our usual days of work and daycare. Carson started dancing up a storm....he got his moves and grooves from his momma of course. I couldn't resist...he was having so much fun, I had to take a picture. No doubt about baby can bust a move....I love this little guy. I always smile when I see this pic.
I just started blogging so can't tag anybody LaLa...this was for you!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

These are two of my favorite pictures of my son Carson. This is his Harley Davidson Edition Ford F150 truck. He wasn't sure how to drive it at first, but it didn't take him long to learn. After about 10 minutes he was driving like a pro. He was so excited and we were so proud of him. Our little man can even jam to tunes while crusin'. Did you notice the rims are chrome?.....Anybody who knows my husband....knows he loves clean rims on his trucks. So, when Chris saw this truck at the store...he knew he didn't have to look any longer. This was the truck for our little guy! We are so proud of Carson. The look on his face tells you how much fun he had!