Sunday, February 8, 2009

These are two of my favorite pictures of my son Carson. This is his Harley Davidson Edition Ford F150 truck. He wasn't sure how to drive it at first, but it didn't take him long to learn. After about 10 minutes he was driving like a pro. He was so excited and we were so proud of him. Our little man can even jam to tunes while crusin'. Did you notice the rims are chrome?.....Anybody who knows my husband....knows he loves clean rims on his trucks. So, when Chris saw this truck at the store...he knew he didn't have to look any longer. This was the truck for our little guy! We are so proud of Carson. The look on his face tells you how much fun he had!


  1. Aunt LaLa loves that little man! I have got to have a copy of the bottom pic... look at CarCar striking a pose!

  2. That little man is too cute!!! I love the look on his face, it says it all. Welcome to the blogging world!