Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Nonna's Lake Lot

My mother-in-law....(aka...Nonna)...took this picture last summer at her lake lot on Richland Chambers! Carson couldn't wait to get out of his little swimmers and swim trunks! Chris and I were out in the water.....and Nonna saw an opportunity for a cute pic! Sand, water, buckets, and one naked little behind...equals cute! Thank you Nonna for taking this pic of my little guy! We love you and we are ready for another fun summer at the lake.....don't forget your camera!


  1. I love this picture of Carson. Your blog layout looks great!

  2. i wanna go to the lake...
    looks like you guys have a fun time!
    lots a great memories for you guys... Carson will always remember them, just like we do from all the weekends we spent at "the lake" growing up!

  3. Nonna says everybody is welcome! She even has a saying painted on the gazeebo that says "You don't come here to get away from it, you come to be apart of it all!"