Sunday, May 2, 2010

Nana's B-day...

Nana celebrated her birthay last week so as tradition, we all went out to eat! We went to eat at Los Ranchos....mexican food...mmmmm! We had the best time, but we always do when we are all together!
This first picture is of our "Bag Lady" Nana! Oh how we laughed watching Nana strutt her stuff outside the restraunt. I got this red hat and boa recently (mainly to take pics with) and I'm glad I made for some good laughs!
Work it Nana Work it!

If anybody knows my mom...they would know that she LOVES her grand babies and they LOVE her right back! She is absolutely the best Nana ever!

Here is Nana and Darren (aka...Big D)! He is the oldest grandbaby and he is growing up so fast! Don't forget D that you will always be Nana's matter how old you get! (and of course your Aunt Toots baby too)

Nana with Emilie...(aka Miss Em or Punky Love)! Em is the first grand baby girl and I know Nana is very proud of her! You will always be Nana's "pretty girl"!

Dylan...(aka...Diddle) Diddle is such a ham....I get the biggest laugh everytime I'm around this handsome little guy! You never know what he is going to say or do next..but that's what we all love about him!

And here is Carson...(aka...CarCar) Little stinker, he would not smile for me! But I know first hand that is thinks the world of his Nana! I here at least once a week..."can I go see Nana and Paw?...please mommy"

And the youngest is baby Makalin...or you could say "Little Diane"
She is a spitting image of her Nana...looks like her, acts like her, has her middle name, and is afraid of June Overall she loves her Nana!

Here is one more shot of Nana with her shopping cart! We love you Nana and we hope you had the best birthday! We enjoyed spending it with you!


  1. I love it!! I am totally copying all these pics and putting them in a scrapbook! we had so much fun for Nana's b-day... we need to do that more often!

  2. I second that sis! I can also email the pics to you!