Thursday, September 2, 2010

Carson's 1st Trip to the Movies....

Carson got to the movies for the 1st time ever! Nonna, Zoey, Carson and I had a great time! This first picture was taken in the car on the way to go eat! It was hard to get them to focus on taking a picture, becasue they were so excited about going to the movies! Plus they were singing and dancing to Nonna's CD! They knew almost every word to every song!
We ate at China King Buffet, where we stuffed our little belly's! It was pretty good!
After dinner we headed off to movies! We went to the Hollywood Movie Theatre and watched Despicable Me! It was really cute! I think we all had our giggle boxes turned on!

We got drinks and of course a big bucket of popcorn. Carson and Zoey both did so good in the theatre! They sat and watched the whole movie without one potty break! Carson loves his movies, so it didn't surprise me how intuned he was! He wanted to watch another movie after this one ended! Looks like we'll be going to the movies more often now!

Carson and Zoey in front of the theatre! Still all smiles!

After all of that we took them to get some Ice Cream! Carson got an oreo blizzard and Zoey had a m&m blizzared! There is nothing better then ice cream to top off a great evening!

Thank you Nonna and Zoey for going with us to the movie! Carson and I both had an awesome time! We need to make more movie dates! The smiles on these two kiddos faces, for me was the best part of the whole night!

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